The general idea behind dvdwizard was to automate the creation of a full-featured Video-DVD structure from a given MPEG-file and make it as easy as possible. On the other hand, it should be flexible enough to let the more experienced user adjust the looks of the DVD to his or her liking.


The result is a set of bash scripts, which act as a command-line frontend to dvdauthor , which is one of the two core applications within dvdwizard. dvdauthor creates a Video-DVD-compliant directory structure, suitable to be watched directly with a software DVD-Player like Xine or to be burned on DVD and watched on TV with a hardware player.

The other core application is ImageMagick , which offers a wast variety of tools to create and manipulate graphical data. Within dvdwizard, ImageMagick is used to create menu backgrounds and button masks without any user interaction.

The modular concept of dvdwizard (which is indeed a wrapper for subsequent scripts that do the work) offers the flexibility to adjust and rerun every process step along the way, if the results of the default processing are not satisfying enough. In addition, dvdwizard has manu command line options that allow tweaking the process beforehand.

These are the main process steps within dvdwizard:

  1. Create a temporary DVD directory structure - yet without menus but with chapters as specified
  2. Create thumbnails for every chapter to be used in the chapter selection menu
  3. Create the DVDs main menu(s)
  4. Create the chapter selection menu(s)
  5. If more than one audio track is available, create an audio track selection menu
  6. If specified on the command line, create a subtitle selection menu and/or and information panel
  7. Create an xml file for dvdauthor
  8. Create the final DVD directory structure with dvdauthor

To learn more about dvdwizard and its capabilities, proceed to the Documentation section.