The first version of dvdwizard is dated way back to the beginning of 2004. At that time, Wolfgang Wershofen bought his first DVD burner to prevent my harddisc from overflowing with video materials, he recorded from TV and Digicam.

Wolfgang soon found out that dvdauthor is the program to use for DVD-Authoring on Linux and that the basic task - creating an DVD file structure from MPEG files - was fairly simple. But when it came to creating more sophisticated DVDs with menus and chapters and the like, it became quite a hassle and very time consuming.


Everyone, who has ever tried to create DVD-Menus with Buttonmasks manually (e.g. using The Gimp), knows what he is talking about. There are lots of restrictions especially concerning the button masks and it's a lot of try-and-error until you have a satisfying result. And besides from creating the graphical content of the menus, you have to create several XML-Files to tell spumux and dvdauthor, what they should do.

This is a lot of manual work to do and manual work is likely to produce errors. That's, why Wolfgang Wershofen decided to create dvdwizard. He wanted to be able to create more or less professional-looking DVDs without the need to wrestle with graphics and XML. With dvdwizard, it is able to reduce the personal time effort to create a full-featured DVD from 2-3 hours to about 5 Minutes.

Wolfgang soon found out, that there were more people with similar problems and he posted dvdwizard to the dvdauhor-Mailinglist as well as making it part of a German DVR-solution call udrec_suite . The feedback from people using dvdizward was very positive and enforced him to develop the scripts further. With the current version of dvdwizard-0.5 (year 2006), he then decided to make this solution more popular by giving it it's own project at Sourceforge.

Because Wolfgang have no more time for develoment since 2008, at the beginning of dvdwizard-0.5.2 (year 2009) the development was overtaken from Joo Martin.