You'll need the following programs and tools to make dvdwizard work. Just install the neccessary RPMs / DEBs or compile them from source. dvdwizard checks each tool at runtime and won't get far if some are missing.

Installation of dvdwizard on your machine is fairly simple. Just download the latest version of dvdwizard and untar it anywhere you want. This will create a subdirectory named dvdwizard-<version>. cd into this directory and either use the contained install script (sh ./ or Makefile (since 0.6.0) (make install).

The install script or Makefile will check, whether you already have an existing dvdwizard.conf in your ~/.dvdwizard directory. If so, it will ask permission to override the existing file, so you'd better  make a backup before.

Navigating your DVD within a software player is quite easy: Just point your mouse to the desired button and click. The mouse pointer changes when you hover over a button and the button highlights appear. When it comes to playing the DVD in a hardware player, things look a bit different, so here's an introduction about navigating your DVD with the remote control of your DVD-Player.

For those of you, who are not quite satisfied with the looks of the menu background, here are some hints on how you can change it to your own liking.

dvdwizard is a wrapper-script which incorporates a fully automated creation of a DVD-structure with Chapters and menus from one or more mpeg-streams. This is done by several "sub-scripts" and various freely available tools.
Needless to say, that dvdwizard is distributed under the GPL as well.

Here's the idea: Just issue

#> dvdwizard my_movie.mpg

and go grab yourself a beer, have lunch oder whatever you like to do for about half an hour (depending on your machine's speed - for me it's 30 minutes on an Athlon 1.4 GHz, 512 MB).