Questions and Answers

I have tested dvdwizard with the versions mentioned on the Prerequisites page. Those should run without problems. 

If you have a version prior to 6.2.5: This won't work. dvdwizard relies on some new options that are introduced in IM 6.2.

For younger versions: Yes, maybe. To put it in other words: You'll have to try. ImageMagick is known to change rapidly and not having the best backward compatibility. So it may work but also it may fail. But either way: Be sure to report your experience in the dvdwizard-users mailing list.

You may have noticed that simply specifying more than one mpeg-file on the command line doesn't lead to having more than one title on the resulting DVD. This is no bug - it's a feature! It's mainly for people wanting to save their home videos onto a DVD and have their material stored in many files (each "scene" is a file).

Just by issuing:

#> dvdwizard /home/videos/*.mpg

dvdwizard does not specify any fontnames and relies on ImageMagick to at least find the default font. If you're having trouble with fonts, your ImageMagick-installation is not correct.

A hint for Gentoo-users:

#emerge corefonts

should solve the problem (thx to Michael Lapsley for that hint)

You can't or at least I haven't heard of somebody using dvdwizard on windows. Maybe with help of cygwin or the like it may be possible to get it running but don't expect any support from me for such approaches. dvdwizard is a Linux solution!

No, dvdwizard is a command line tool and there are actually no plans to change that.

There are a bunch of GUIs to dvdauthor available on the net, maybe you should use one of them. See my links page for a list of GUI solutions.

That's a common problem and has nothing to do with dvdwizard. There are a lot of factors that influence th ability to play a self-authored DVD in a hardware player. On the hardware side, it depends on the DVD burner, the media and of course your hardware player. Not every combination of those three components will work and you'll have to try.

Your transcode installation is not set up for DVD-Access. transcode extract the chapter pictures by accessing the preauthored temporary DVD structure. This is the fastest way to extract pictures from every chapter as transcode doesn't have to seek through the whole mpeg stream for the designated target frames but can jump directly to the chapter marker.