That's a common problem and has nothing to do with dvdwizard. There are a lot of factors that influence th ability to play a self-authored DVD in a hardware player. On the hardware side, it depends on the DVD burner, the media and of course your hardware player. Not every combination of those three components will work and you'll have to try.


On the software side, you have to deal with your burning software, the format, you burn your DVD with (DVD+, DVD- or RAM), possibly mkisofs-Options and last not least the authoring software (in our case dvdauthor).

As dvdauthor is free software the author does not have the money to buy the official DVD-Specification but has to rely on what the unofficial specs offer and what can be found out by try and error approaches. This is why a dvdauthor-DVD is most likely not 100% conforming to the DVD-Specs, the hardware manufacturers build their devices with and thus not every hardware player will accept a DVD authored by dvdauthor.

dvdwizard tries best to produce conforming DVDs. There are not "features" - such as jumppad - that are known to break conformity. If your hardware player refuses to play DVDs authored with dvdwizard, you're out of luck, sorry.

The good news: I found out that the cheaper the player the more likely it will play self-authored DVDs. ;-)