I noticed on my TV set, that it is not capable of displaying the full PAL screensize of 720x576. There are almost 100 pixels horizontally and 40 Pixels vertically missing at the edges. I guess this "feature" is called overscanning.


In my first tries with the menu layout, I ended up with buttons cut off at the edges and that's why I introduced TVSIZE. With this option you may define, what your TV-Set is able to display on the screen. For me, it's 635x535, your's may vary and you have to try.

Every button will reside fully in the TVSIZE-Area wich is centered on the normal screensize (720x576 for PAL or
704x480 for NTSC)

 You may set $TVSIZE either by specifying it on the command line with

#> dvdwizard -V <xres>x<yres>    


#> dvdwizard --tvsize <xres>x<yres>   

or set it in the config file with