With the new developer Markus Kohn some months ago the development of the new major version 0.7 was started. Now the release is ready: version 0.7.0. These are the changes:


- Uninstall via Makefile installs also some of the directories installed at
  installion, but only if those directories are empty
- dvdwizard_test with Clapperboard.svg to test DVDwizard creating a test DVD
- code pretty print
- i18n user interface
- dvdwizardrc renamed into dvdwizard_common
- new error and log message handling
- every program supports -h, --help, -v, --version
- POSIX conform usage of `tr'
- support audio for vizually impaired
- cleanup code, e.g., numeric tests
- do not use ffmpeg option -ab with unit kb, because it's deprecated
- tested with ImageMagick 6.6.5-8
- tested with dvdauthor 0.7.0
- Modify selection of background color for some menus (*lang, *info)
- Add infos in NEWS about VIDEO_FORMAT for use with dvdauthor 0.7 and above
- Add search for bash shell in Makefile