The new release version 0.6.1 of DVDwizard is out. Because of older behavior of ImageMagick the minimal versionof IM is now defined to 6.3.5-0. The newer one (IM 6.5.5-x) needed one more patch. And the new version is now tested with transcode 1.1.5.



These are the changes in details:

0.6.1    (2009-11-17)
- Minimal version of ImageMagick defined to 6.3.5-0
- Second patch for ImageMagick 6.5.5.x
- Check valid duration time of video streams
- Solution for warning 'geometry does not contain image'
- Check for NTSC videos; check existance of screenshots
- Tested with transcode 1.1.5

Especially the checks with NTSC were my work the last days. From my
side all is o.k. for NTSC. But there are some bug messages. It would
be very nice that some other people could test the new DVDwizard with
original NTSC videos.