A long time has past since the last modification of dvdwizard but once again, ImageMagick forced me to adjust dvdwizard to recent changes in IM.

Additionally, Vadim Smelyansky contributed an RPM for Fedora Core 7. Thx.  

Since ImageMagick 6.3.5-7,  the listing of fonts is now done with "convert -list font" instead of the former "convert -list type". dvdwizard now checks, if "-list font" is known to IM and reverts to "-list type" if it is not. So the listing of fonts should work with all recent IM versions.

A few days ago, I received two RPMs from Vadim Smelyansky. He contributed a Noarch-RPM for Fedora Core 7 as well as the corresponding Source-RPM. So now you can build your own dvdwizard-rpm on virtually any RPM-based system by using "rpmbuild --rebuild" on the Source-RPM. Thank you very much, Vadim!

You may find Vadims RPMs on the Download page