toolame has problems compiling and running on 64-bit architectures. To enable 64-bit users to use dvdwizard, toolame has been replaced by twolame to produce the silent audio track for menu mpegs.

twolame is based on toolame but has been developed further.

Many thanks to Detlef Reichelt for supplying a patch for this. Detlef is the 64-Bit packager at PackMan's

The new dvdwizard with twolame is available in the latest snapshot tarballs or in the darcs repository

The first adjustments on the dvdwizard-0.5 release version are ready to be tested. Today, I uploaded a snapshot tarball to the Sourceforge server. Refer to the download page to get it.

Special thanks to Claus Regelmann for a list of improvements in error- and restart-handling. 

Here's a list of the incorporated modifications: 

Today, I just installed the latest version 6.2.9 of ImageMagick and tested it against dvdwizard. Result: Works perfect without modification.

dvdwizard now works with all of the latest 6 releases of ImageMagick. Good to know!  

Rick Harris contributed a gentoo eBuild for dvdwizard-0.5. Visit the download page to get it.

After more than one year of development, there is a new version of dvdwizard.

dvdwizard-0.5 is now available for download from Sourceforge mirrors. Preconfigured packages for certain Linux distributions will surely follow in short time.

dvdwizard finally becomes a Sourceforge Project. After 3 years of more or less private development, dvdwizard has taken the next step and registered as a project at Sourceforge.