Next version 0.5.7 is out

The new release 0.5.7 of dvdwizard is out. Now it runs with newest transcode, ffmpeg and imagemagick. And you can make menus in russian language (and fonts).

New power for the project

Now the new developer Joachim Wiedorn (aka "Joo Martin") supports this project. He have made the next published versions since 0.5.2. You can found the newest versions for download under

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Long time no change...

A long time has past since the last modification of dvdwizard but once again, ImageMagick forced me to adjust dvdwizard to recent changes in IM.

Additionally, Vadim Smelyansky contributed an RPM for Fedora Core 7. Thx.  

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Next release dvdwizard 0.5.1 is out

I'm very happy to announce the new release of dvdwizard - dvdwizard-0.5.1. The success of dvdwizard-0.5 as well as very useful user suggestions have forced me to work hard improving the software further.

There are a lot of bugfixes but also some new features in this release.

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Fixed some typos...

I'm sorry, but there have been some typos in the last development snapshot that prevented dvdwizard from working correctly.

I fixed those errors and uploaded another tarball. Please do only use the latest snapshot tarball.


On the way to 0.5.1

Today, I uploaded a new development snapshot. It mainly contains a lot of minor bugfixes and two new languages for the menus: Italian and Portuguese. Thx to Roberto Neri and Danilo Marques for contribution.

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New snapshot available

There is a new development snapshot available. It contains a fix for twolame 0.3.9 as well as improved error handling. See the Changelog for more details. The new snapshot is available in the latest snapshot tarballs