After a long time there comes the updated DVDwizard with updated translations and some bugfixes.The configuration will now be saved at $HOME/.config/dvdwizard. And some documentations were reorganized.


- Optimize and update Makefile
   - Remove autocreated DVDwizard.txt with distclean
   - Do not remove po/dvdwizard.pot with distclean
- Add po/dvdwizard.pot as persistent file
- Update german translation (po/de.po)
- Fix crash while using subtitle option (mk_vtsm_lang)
- Always generating sample config, using version string
- Update of DVDwizard.texi: more package infos, add 'direntry'
- Now use $HOME/.config/dvdwizard/ for user config file
- Check version of user config file; try update to current version
- Update po/dvdwizard.pot and german translation (po/de.po)
- Update man pages with new path for user config file

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